The Lost God Kings

Krentok – Vile Lord and Maker of Beasts
Formerly Human Male, transformed himself into the vision of a fiend.
Destroyed by his brother Kraythor.

Maeylin – Goddess of Dreams and Prophecy.
Ornothi – Female – Sorcerer
Destroyed by Modar.

Modar – Delver of Secrets.
Human – Male – Wizard
Discovered God Theft and started the God War. Destroyed by Kraythor.

Kraythor – Lord of the South.
Human – Male – Fighter
One of the last two. Lover of Maeylin. Co-Destruction with Leamon.

Leamon – Lord of the North.
Stahl – Female – Paladin
One of the last two. Co-Destruction with Kraythor.

Argen – God of the Scattered Sea.
Human – Male – Rogue
Brother of Aega. Destroyed by Leamon.

Kilaro – Keeper of the Forges
Stahl – Male – Fighter
Assassinated by Argen

Strath – The Winter King.
Halfling – Male – Barbarian
Destroyed by Argen.

Vestra – Goddess of the Dunes.
Human – Female – Druid
Destroyed by Krentok.

Cupro – The Thief.
Human – Female – Rogue
Destroyed by Krentok.

Aega – Goddess and Keeper of the Cape.
Human – Female – Sorcerer
Sister to Argen. Surrendered her essence to Kraythor and Argen.

The Lost God Kings

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