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Gods Fall
Copper Horn Inn – Where Paul was staying
The Chester House
The Broken Arms

Ends Point – Trading hub on the eastern coast of the Inner Sea

1PP = Castle
5GP = Foresail
1GP = Golden Sail
1SP = Silver Fish
1CP = Copper Pinch

Stonecrown – Currently lead by Lady Iona after the death of Regent Edrod

Five Sisters’ Spring – Bathhouse
The Ivory Hilt – “Warden” tavern ran by One Tusk and his wife “wench”
The Iron Door – Secure fort of an Inn with high rates in Underbridge. Ran by the Kimble halfling family

Three Stags – Town between Ravenmoore and Ends Point. Named for the three towering horse statues that shadow the village below, that are wearing barding that make them appear to have horns.

Ravenmoore – Small farming community with a dark secret

Sand Port – A city due east of Gods Fall across the Sand Plains. In recent history they have been resistant to the Argeni attempts to politically annex them. This has raised concerns over a possible military option being used by the Stewards.

Argeni Alliance – A religious and economic society based on the South Coast from Gods Fall. They call themselves the “Stewards of Argen”, attempting to carry on the edicts of the dead God King. Attempting to keep order and trade flowing in the region.

Kor Maga – A location known as a large inland trade hub at the Southward bend of the interior mountains. However, it was recently discovered in Gods Fall to be have been known during the Golden Age at least to some as “The Disabled Seal”.


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