Welcome to Gods Fall

Nearly 300 years ago the great golden age ended with the God War. When powerful God Kings went to war with each other and literally disfigured the very face of Rhodan.

The current story focuses on a frontier trade hub called Gods Fall, named for the fact a mountain was dropped on the former city of Phastos at the climax of one of the battles destroying the God King Argen.

Though Gods Fall is a place of order and of some importance there are threats all around.

To the North are the Down Lands, a wilderness and marshy area between Port Esni and Gods Fall, which in the last few years has seen a rise in bandits and roving tribes destroying cities.

To the South are the “Stewards of Argeni” and their Argeni Alliance. A religious order that is expanding through political, economical and military means.

To the East is “New Port” or “Sand Port”, a city preparing for possible military conflict with the Argeni. Dealing with political pressures as well as privateers disrupting trade.

To the West is “Ende Point” on the great inner sea, an important port of call with the Stahl lands further to the West and North. Though recently their Regent has passed away, leaving the region unsure of the future.

Welcome to Gods Fall, city on the edge.

Gods Fall

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